getting started & maintenance


A survey is necessary to assess the suitability of your fireplace and chimney for a stove, and whether or not your chimney may need lining. This is a NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION. You do not need to purchase a stove from us to request a survey.  We are happy to do a survey even if you want to supply your own stove.

We use only Premium Quality materials in our installations we do not use cheap inferior products which may not last.

A Survey is normally required to generate an estimate. Please contact the Showroom for an appointment.

We will be pleased to quote for any work, such as laying of new hearths and alterations to fireplace surrounds in conjunction with the stove installation.

What size stove?

To calculate the size of stove you use a simple formula – 


L x B x H (metres) = cubic capacity of room DIVIDED BY 14 = KW size of stove BUT then you need to look at the aspect of the room, its insulation and number of doorways exiting the room.

Maintaining Your Stove

We stock a comprehensive range of cleaning products at reasonable prices. These include glass cleaners, grate polish, specialist stove paint and sealants. Summer is the time for stove maintenance. Check and replace cracked or broken firebricks/glass and worn or missing fire rope. Have your chimney swept.

Replacement Firebricks

Firebricks can easily be removed and replaced in your stove. Instructions should be in your Stove Handbook. Our Chimney Sweep will also offer this service if you are having difficulties. We can also cut firebricks to size for you.

Replacement Glass & Fitting

We can supply glass for most makes of stoves such as Aarrow, Villager, Parkray, Rayburn, Charnwood, Morso to name but a few. We can fit replacement glass.

Chimney Linings, Cowls, Pots & Caps

Stainless steel chimney linings, twin wall chimney systems. Fitting of cowls, closure caps etc.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a must for all homes with solid fuel or gas heating. We stock the Fire Angel Alarm which is one of the best alarms on the market.

Stove Thermometer

To avoid wasting energy, use a stove thermometer. If your stove is burning too high you are wasting fuel, too low and you could suffer from a build-up of soot and creosote in your chimney.


No fireplace? No problem. We can reconstruct most fireplaces or lay a new hearth. Freestanding stoves with no fireplaces.

Stove Ropes

This provides the vital seal around the door of your stove. We stock rope ranging from 3mm to 15mm. It is important that the correct size is fitted to ensure the door seals properly (refer to your stove manual or manufacturer for the correct size).

Consumables & Accessories

We stock Stovax glass cleaner, stove polish, firelighters, paint etc. Also available – Stove Thermometers and Moisture Meters.

Chimney Sweep Service

It is important to have your chimney swept annually. We have a fully-qualified Chimney Sweep. Certificates of Sweeping issued for insurance purposes. Camera inspections available.